Strawberries producing

I am so excited that the strawberries are starting to produce and doing it in a fairly good way. They are also spinning and trying to add more plants. I will allow that again this year as we could use a few more plants. This is what I picked this afternoon when we came home from church.

Home grown strawberries.
Home-grown strawberries.
Strawberries on the vine.
Strawberries on the vine.
Strawberry plants.
Strawberry plants.

I am not sure what happened to the plants that look like they are drying up. I suspect they were hurt when I sprayed so mosquito spray around the edge of the concrete. I was working to get the bugs out of the area while I put the edgings in place (next post). The tires are turning out to be good planters for the strawberries, but I need to keep them from growing in the sand between the tires. There are some empty tires, that I will put the new plants in sometime this week. My only wish is that I had painted the tires green or some other color before we set them in place. The good thing about the brown spots is that after last night’s rain, all of the plants are looking great. I am hoping to cover the whole crop with a net of some sort as we have lost a few berries to the birds this past week. There are way too many on the plants to afford one of four berries to be eaten. I am willing to share, but not that much. HA!


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