Bird watching

Mama Sparrow
Mama Sparrow

I have been ousted from my own patio by the little sparrow with her nest over the light out there. Twice I ended up going inside because she wasn’t able to get to her nest because I was in the way. It didn’t help that my cat, Roger, was sitting in the chair next to me watching her the whole time.

I was trying to prune some of my kalanchoe plants and pot the trimmings so that I can share them in church on Sunday. I had hoped to do that on Mother’s Day, but it was way too cold around here to think of plants at that time. I also found an Aloe Vera plant that was beyond its pot and sending off several shoots. I took most of them out and replanted them into a different pot, but I am thinking that pot will be a temporary spot. I have a Christmas cactus that would do much better in there.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

I should have had Paulina’s camera with the big zoom on it to get a better shot at the bird, but this is all I had for now. I will just share a couple more shots of what she was up to. She brings food to the babies then sneaks up to them. Earlier today she started on a bike tire then moved to the seat then up to a spot on the trim area where you see here now. She hops closer about four times before she flies over to the nest. I think she was quite clever putting her nest there, and I can’t believe we actually allowed it, but our contribution to the birds who work so hard to eat all the pesky bugs around here. Just wish they were able to get all the rotten bugs and leave the good ones. We can only hope.

Shows how far I was from Mama bird.
Shows how far I was from Mama bird.
Here is where the nest is above the light.
Here is where the nest is above the light.

2 thoughts on “Bird watching

  1. Oh that is lovely! Good for you to allow her space to bring up her brood. I love sparrows. They always remind me of God’s care for every one of His creatures (Matthew 10:29). I think Nature needs all the help we can give her these days.

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