Blooming bushes

Spirea in bloom
Spirea in bloom

I trimmed up this spirea bush earlier this summer. I think it was the best thing I ever did. I was trying to get it back inside the bed that it is planted in. It had been spilling into the walking path. I am thinking that if it blooms that well after a trimming, it is time for me to take the pruning sheers after all of the bushes. I just need the courage to do it.


Around the corner from the bush is the hosta. I need to take a few pieces off it and share with someone who might like one of their own, or I could always put it under the willow tree inside the Haak sign.

Haak sign
Haak sign

I just need to pick up about three more of those rings and finish it off under that tree. The best thin about that sign is that we don’t have to drag it inside every time a storm threatens like we do with the solar lights. Ha!!


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