First actual harvest

It is so very hot today. I haven’t checked the thermometer at our house but the bank said 91 degrees F when James picked Paulina up from the pool at 5 p.m. I am guessing it was a little hotter at the peak of the day. There was no rain last night and the wind is blowing. I am guessing the top soil is pretty much powder dry. We will need to water in the morning if we don’t get a shot of rain tonight. There are storms predicted in the area, but more to the east of us, as in 20-50 miles away.


I have been hoping to take some radishes to church tomorrow to begin the summer harvest sharing. I found just a handful and I am taking them even if no one wants them, they will be there. I also took one little tomato off a plant. This has been on the plant since it was in the seedling phase. I see that we are going to need to start really watching the water input. We cannot control how much it rains, but we can control how much we supplement the garden.

cracked tomato
cracked tomato

I don’t have any pictures, but I am really excited with how much the spinach and lettuce have grown since we pulled all the weeds away from around them. It was like they all doubled overnight. We also had a good shot of rain that night, which really helped. Hopefully I will be able to get a meal out of that area next week. Enough for now.

Happy harvesting to you.


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