Rose near blooming

I have not tried to grow a rose for years. The last one I bought was for my mother and it comes back every year but doesn’t bloom and sits neglected amid weeds inside a little fence that protects it from the mowers. Today I see my new rose is about to bloom. Maybe I should take care of this one and spend some time cleaning up around my mother’s.


I see these are not great shots. Maybe tomorrow I can take time to use the real camera. I need to clear off my iPad. I have 1,000 pictures on it. Yikes. So in sharing, here are a few more flowers from the yard as I sit outside in this beautiful though a bit smoky evening. Someone said we are getting a drift from fires in Canada. 


I just checked, it is 79 degrees F and 8:05 p.m. Central daylight savings time. Tomorrow or Tuesday I can show off Lillie’s in bloom and even some geraniums with that rose. For now Roger says, “Hi!”

Good thing the kids bought us this nice swing! Ha we love it!


2 thoughts on “Rose near blooming

  1. As you know, I love roses. I hope you enjoy your yellow rose, and that it can be happy and give you more blooms. If you’re interested, my rose-growing tips are: either lots of water or none (I give mine a whole watering can full of water every once in a while); they like air and space, and the soil beneath them as clean as possible; deadhead; mulch with manure early spring and fall; prune in Feb or March but not at freezing temps. These are the things that help me in Scotland anyway!


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