Fresh lettuce & peas

Fresh peas
Fresh peas

I was in the garden this morning, and was able to pick peas and lettuce. The peas were enough to fill a small container and place in the fridge for later use.

I also cut what I could of the lettuce and cleaned it up for use later. I used to dislike dealing with garden lettuce, but I knew it was so good for you and kept at it until I finally came to a better way to prepare it. Now we eat more of it, and waste much less of it. First off is I am a total germ-o-phobe and bug-o-phobe when it comes to the items I pick in the garden. Oh yes and I forgot dirt-o-phobe. There were days when I even considered quitting, but I realized if I have control of the cleaning process it might be better for me.

Back to the beginning. Start by picking the lettuce and soaking it in cold water. I have begun to add a little salt to the water. Not for flavor, silly. I read someplace that people who grow broccoli soak it is salted water to make the worms come out if there are any inside it. Yuck, for sure I don’t grow that anymore. No wonder some people won’t eat it. Anyway, I have done that with corn on the cob when I suspect there might be worms inside, and sure enough it works, so I just started doing that with the lettuce in case there are bugs of any kind on the leaves.

Lettuce soaking
Lettuce soaking

I used to soak it overnight in large buckets, sometimes had to throw it out because it was fermented, but not anymore. I finally realized you pick sooner and less at a time and more often, and the biggest thing is the small investment I made below. A salad spinner is a must for someone who grows their own lettuce. After a nice washing and a good spinning the lettuce is better than what you buy in a store.

Lettuce spinning
Lettuce spinning

The other trick that I have always used, and basically did it because it seemed a good idea, is to put a paper towel on the bottom of the salad container and the lettuce on top. With home-grown I also put a paper towel on the top before I put the lid on. With the lettuce between those paper towels, you can shake up the bowl and pretty much get rid of any of the moisture that makes the lettuce go bad more quickly. Paulina actually found that as a tip on some Pinterest site and got a gook laugh. So happy gardening and eating!

Lettuce ready to eat
Lettuce ready to eat

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