Garden Salad for lunch

My lunch
My lunch

So maybe it is a bit cheesy to post pictures of your food, but today I just had to share. The problem is that you can’t really see the main ingredient which was salad fresh from the garden. Well, not totally fresh. I picked it last night and soaked it in cold water then cleaned it up one leaf at a time. I used to hate eating it because I was so afraid of getting some dirt or a bug in the mix, but after the salad spinner and doing it right away, it is easier to clean up and actually make myself eat it. Today I added a few of the strawberries that I cut up yesterday, along with some pepper slices, a small handful of raisins and four leftover breaded shrimp from supper a couple of nights ago. I used the Olive Garden dressing, which is the only thing I like with garden salad. To me the sour of a vinegar dressing is just right with fresh salad. However the best part of the meal was the drink. It is home canned tomato-pepper juice. When James and I were rearranging the cellar area of the basement, he insisted we bring this upstairs so he could drink some. I can’t believe that he likes it; he never eats anything with peppers in it. I added a couple of hearts of celery and slices of pepper to mine. It was great. I am thinking that with all of the left over other canned goods in the basement, I can use most of the tomatoes this year on juice. Yummy, and of all things, juice is usually the priciest thing you have to buy in the stores.

Oh yes, if you want to see the pictures of the super clean and neat shelves of canned goods, you will have to head to my other blog: lucindalines. Catch you later.


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