Flower garden update

Earlier today, I posted on my lucindalines site about some work I did in the flower garden, but I didn’t show many pictures of how the flowers are doing. I just love the petunias this year. I tried a different color to mix in with the white, and I am quite happy with the results. I also went from five baskets to three, and that makes it much easier to take care of them. I am starting to understand the idea of less is better. It has been a difficult sell, but it is working. As a track coach, we are always thinking the more the merrier, especially because you win meets with numbers. Although with less athletes to deal with there is time to develop the good and medium good ones to be so much better. What is that saying, “Six of this, half-dozen of that.”???

Enough of all that, here are the flowers and how they have been doing.

IMG_5470xOne of these days we will call the electrician to bury some lines and put up some outdoor electrical posts so we can get rid of the extension cords in the grass, but for now we just ignore them and enjoy the lights and the fountain. I tried spray painting the small swan with reflective paint, but it doesn’t seem to work. I think perhaps that the light doesn’t hit it quite right. I had a pot in the middle of the pool last year when we didn’t have a fountain, and the paint worked on it perfectly. These lights dance all night and I even see them on my bedroom ceiling, so soothing.

The Hostas new and old are in bloom
The Hostas new and old are in bloom

I am so excited that the new hostas have taken to their spot and that they are blooming this year. And the clematis looks much better since I added a new and stronger twine for it to grow on. I also did some deadheading and now it is blooming again. I think that is the one thing that needs to be stressed more and more to young (and old woman) gardeners, the more you deadhead, the more they bloom. Seems like so often we forget the easy stuff because we are trying to learn what seems complicated.

The clematis is still going.
The clematis is still going.

I used to save the flower planting until last thinking that the vegetables were so much more important, and perhaps they are, but it is the flowers that attract the pollinators, so without them not too much else is able to grow or bloom or anything. I am also old enough to know that without the flowers there is less beauty, and sometimes the soul needs to simply sit and look at the beauty.

Lily bed
Lily bed

I will leave you with two more pictures first the lilies that are now fading, but have given me hours of enjoyment earlier this summer and the zinnias that are now starting to bloom. I am hesitant to cut them, but I need to keep telling myself it is good to cut some flowers so that more are able to bloom. I hear that my great-aunt called them straw flowers. If anyone happens to know why that would be something to call a zinnia, please share. I would love to know that connection there. In the meantime, Happy Flower gardening!!












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