Garden treats, the beginning

In the past week, we have had a few tasty treats from the garden. The potatoes were so good. I set aside the three largest to bake and washed up the others for boiling. We have Yukon Gold and they are so good you really don’t need butter with them, though that has never stopped me from adding some. I love those early potatoes because all you have to do is wash them and the peeling melts away.


We also have been eating peas as much and as fast as we can. I have a picture to share of the two different kinds we have planted. After I lined up the peas and looked at the picture, I realized they would probably not even make a white ribbon at the 4-H show because the size of these particular pods don’t match. When you do a 4-H Horticulture showing they want three examples of the item, and they are to be uniform in size and shape. Oh those were the days. It almost makes me want to enter in the open class. Then again, maybe not. Ha!!


I am not real sure which is which, but one packet of seeds that I planted was sugar peas and the other was snow peas. The pod on the one to the right is thicker and the peas don’t seem to grow as quickly in that one, the ones on the left develop the peas if left on the vine too long and then the pod can be split and they can be removed. All I know is Audrey, Vic’s dog, likes either kind straight off the plant.

Crossed zucchini
Crossed zucchini

Finally I will show off the first zucchini of the season. This is the one that I cut and turned into the zucchini chips. Not really the greatest idea of the year, but they were ok. I peeled it, cut it into slices them put them on a cookie sheet and baked them. They were good right out of the oven, but not very crispy so I am not sharing any recipes with the world. If you notice this zucchini looks both yellow and green. I am thinking that it is a cross of the two types. The seeds we used were from a larger zucchini last year. Sometimes when you save seeds, you can’t be sure of what you will get when you plant them. I suppose that is why certain seed packets will try to discourage you from doing that. Companies do not like people to be upset that they don’t get the item on the original package.

Real zucchini
Real zucchini

This is what it should look like and what most of them do look like. Not much else to say here. I have a few pictures from last night’s storm that I will be posting to my lucindalines site, but that may take me an hour or two to accomplish. It seems like today every time I get started with something the phone rings, so I am not promising anything soon. Happy Gardening!!


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