Other garden

I haven’t shown much about the other garden that we started about three years ago. We began by putting the potatoes in this area, but this year it was time for a crop rotation, so it houses most of the vines. We have pumpkins growing here along with cantaloupe and some gourds. I am not sure if we will get anything fro the last two as they need such a long growing season, but I am pretty sure the pumpkins will turn out fine. Here is what we have so far.

Gourd in bloom
Gourd in bloom
Strange shapped pumpkin
Strange shaped pumpkin


Apparently I didn’t take any pictures of the cantaloupe. When I have the camera in hand, it always feels like I take too many pictures, yet when I go to post something there aren’t any to use. I can’t figure it out. Last week when James and I were at the coaches convention this took a hit with the heat, but after a nice rain and a few waterings, I trust it will snap back and start producing. I will try to post a few more between this site and the lucindalines site, but we are off on vacation, so not sure how much will be shared and when. Happy Gardening.


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