Orange zinnia
Orange zinnia
Red zinnia
Red zinnia

I just wanted to share how the flowers are doing. As you can see in the background of this first picture the zinnias are doing very well. There is more than an abundance of them and they are so tall. James thinks they are crowding out the beans, but I think they are doing far more good than any harm.

violet zinnia
Violet colored zinnia
stripped cosmos
Striped cosmos

I am so excited about the cosmos in the garden. They are on the south side and have grown way past my waist in height. They rarely get that tall in the flower garden as you can see below. I think the main problem with the actual flower garden is that the morning glories have become more like a noxious weed and are wrapping themselves around everything. I actually pulled one out at the roots and unwound it from a cosmos. You can see which of the flowers I prefer.


I always think of the song “Wildflower” by New Birth.

“Let her cry
For she’s a lady
Let her dream
For she’s a child
Let the rain fall down upon her
She’s a free and gentle flower growing wild

And if by chance that I should hold her
Let me hold her for a while
And if allowed just one possession
I would pick her from her garden to be mine

Cosmos in the front garden
Cosmos in the front garden

6 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Your flowers are stunning! It’s been such a cold summer here that my cosmos have just started blooming, albeit feebly. I love your zinnias too. Well done!

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