How does your garden grow?

As I mentioned in another post on one of my sites (check out and for the other posts) we were away from home for a few days, and boy did the garden grow. I was worried about how hot it has been lately, so James watered pretty heavily before we headed out on Thursday early afternoon. When we returned on Sunday early evening there were wet spots under some plants like the cucumbers and zucchini. Some of the container flowers were also still damp, so we initially thought one of my sisters had stopped by and watered for us. When I finally checked the rain gauge I found the truth. It was above the 2 inch mark. Kathy said it rained on Thursday night, and some of it came sideways, so that is how the plants inside the porch were able to get some of the moisture. I took a few pictures since we have been home. It is amazing to see how much this crazy garden has grown. The banner on my blog was taken in early July, so you can see the difference.

The vegetable garden
The vegetable garden

This view can be a little confusing. The far left is actually the fence line with the peas growing up the fence. The posts are a little less than 5 feet in height so you get an idea of just how tall it has all gotten this year. It is crazy. I planted so that I could walk between these zucchini up front and the peas, not a chance of that happening. The zinnias are so tight at some spots that we have to pick the peas from outside the fence. Luckily I can reach over, and the peas keep growing on the higher newer growth so that helps lots.


The cucumbers
The cucumbers

The corn and the sunflowers are still in a race for the sky in the background. I never ever believed that thing about the sunflowers following the sun until I had them in the garden. They do follow the sun with their faces, it is just crazy. I am hoping they start to bloom sometime soon, you can see that they have flowers under the green, but nothing is showing yet. The picture here to the right is the cucumber fence. This is the crop that is just getting started. If you look at the picture on the banner above, you see what I mean. I keep snipping off their tips and training whatever I can back up the fence. It has been quite a trick to find the slicers in that mess. I am hoping that about Saturday there will be enough 3-4 inch cucumbers on for me to pickle a quart or two. I am thinking that by taking off the big slicers, the plants will put more energy into the smaller ones.

I picked yesterday
I picked yesterday

We have been eating cucumbers at every meal in all sorts of ways. What we don’t have dispensed by Sunday will be going to church with us, and maybe a few to James’ sister, Alvina. Next week we will take a few to Jessica when Paulina moves there for college, but we aren’t going to talk about that until we have to. I am not ready for that to be happening.

Picked today
Picked today. Second bell pepper of the year!
James picked, washed and cut these yesterday.
James picked, washed and cut these yesterday.

James picked four ice cream pails of beans yesterday, and today I saw some that need to be taken off. It was so hot that I decided tomorrow morning would be a better time for that. This bowl is not even all of them. I blanched and froze four bags of them, about 3 cups per bag. I also pickled 7 pints of them, and it only used up what didn’t fit in this container and about 2 inches off what you see here. The rest are in the fridge waiting for me to blanch more in the morning. On second thought it will probably be after we pick the new ones. Add to that we are eating them almost one meal a day. Oh but nothing better than fried beans. Of course in butter. Second is beans and potatoes and third is beans and beets. And the beets are so sweet at this time. But that is all for now. I promise to post more as the harvest comes in. Happy Gardening!!


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