Flowers on Thursday

I have been away from the blog a few days because Friday we took Paulina to Jamestown and Thursday we were packing and such and spent the end of the day at my sister Adie’s house to visit. Her foreign exchange student, Annabell and her family from Germany came for a visit. They are on vacation in the US and are spending some time here with Adie and Steve. Currently they have all gone to the Black Hills area to site-see there, but hopefully we will have time to visit with them more on Monday before the parents return home. Annabell and her sister will be staying a few more days, and hopefully we can all have more time together. It was a wonderful night on Thursday.

So here are the pictures of sunflowers and such that I have been neglecting posting.

Sunflowers on Thursday
Sunflowers on Thursday
Dark pink hollyhock
Dark pink hollyhock

These pictures were taken on Thursday but I didn’t take the time to post them. I am so amazed at how high these sunflowers have gotten. The ones in the garden are even taller and it is way more than I thought they ever grew. I do think this was a good year for them, especially all the rain we got in June.

Close up zinnias
Close up zinnias

I just love these flowers. My aunt told me that our great-aunt Mandy called them straw flowers. I can see how that would be. They seem to be sort of like straw when as they are dying.

Sunflowers in the garden on the east end.
Sunflowers in the garden on the east end.

If you look closely, you can see that a few of the sunflowers in the garden are starting to open up. Mostly I see all the weeds in the area in front of them. We really need to get into this part of the garden and begin digging out the potatoes. On the other hand as long as the potatoes are in the ground, they may continue growing and they will not decay and we don’t have to clean them yet. I like that last part the best. Sounds like a good enough reason to leave them in the ground for now. Ha!!

Happy Gardening!!


5 thoughts on “Flowers on Thursday

  1. Beautiful flowers! I tried to leave a comment on your post about moving Paulina, but I don’t think that worked. I imagine that was a sad occasion for you, but I hope you have a great feeling of accomplishment having raised your two daughters so well – and I hope you were happy to come back to your garden, with lots yet to look forwards to. X

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    1. Thanks on both counts. I have been dealing with it much better than I expected. Of course it is always fun to be alone for a few days, but after a bit, I will get lonely, especially when James goes back to school too. Maybe then I can get a few projects finished. Ha!!


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