Move in day, Paulina goes to U of J

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Yesterday was Paulina’s moving day. She finished with BSC last May and this year it is off to the University of Jamestown. She will be the first member of the family to attend the U of J. The rest of us went to Jamestown College. It is the same school just upgraded. Of all things, I took no picture of the place as we dropped by the campus. Probably the reason is that being a junior, she won’t be staying in the dorms on campus. Paulina will be staying in the home of one of the North Dakota District 12 Representatives. Ha, Ha! She is staying with her sister, Jessica. Here is what we moved and how her room looked when we left. If she is anything like me, it will change a few times before she is ok with it.

Car packed to go.
Car packed to go.
The items in the van.
The items in the van.

Except for the desk that we took along, everything could have fit into Paulina’s car. It took less than 1/2 an hour to unload and put in the house. One casualty during the trip was the little rolling cart. We should know by now those things need to be put on their side or the wheels taken out. One of the wheels broke off and it won’t be wheeling around again. I guess, she has had it since we lived in Linton, so it might just have served its purposes. Now the room as it is set up.

Owl candle on the desk
Owl candle on the desk
Posters on the wall
Posters on the wall. We had to frame these before we could go home.
Bed in the corner
Bed in the corner

I think that it will be very cozy, just so it isn’t so comfortable that she doesn’t get out and do anything other than sleep and study. Although we have been telling her the main priority is to finish school and get a job. James would like to retire in a couple of years, and we would like to have someone in the coaching profession that we could watch and cheer on while we are waiting for the grandchildren to grow up enough to start participating in some events. At any rate, don’t have so much fun that you forget to contact your parents. That goes for both daughters. Take care and enjoy.


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