Auction memories and a souvenir

Antique washtub
Antique washtubs

Yesterday when I was outside picking in the garden, I thought about how wasteful I feel when I wash up the vegetables and all that water and dirt just goes down the drain. It also sort of gags me to have the dirt in the kitchen sink where we do the dishes. I store these tubs against the house and in some years I would put a pail under them to catch the water then distribute it where it was needed. I finally realized that if the garden hose can reach the garden so far away from the house, it could reach the tubs if set out on the lawn. Now, I can wash all the vegetables I want and the dry grass will be able to drink up all of the water and even pick up some new dirt. The only thing I will need to remember is to put the tubs back against the house if we have predictions of a storm. My mother bought these for me at an auction sale in Long Lake back in 2000. We had a wonderful outing that day sharing an event we both love.

New hose holder
New hose holder

Every time I go to an auction sale I can’t help but bid on those silly $1. boxes hoping to find some sort of treasure just the way she did. I also learned her trick of sometimes bidding on items just to make sure no one is getting something without paying for it. Once I ended up with seven pie plates that I didn’t need by doing that, but I have used them, so not all bad.

The picture to the right shows how we finally figured out a way to hang the hose that was always in the way. James was pretty adamant that we do not ever drill into the siding on the house, so this is a good place for it. We picked up a second hose holder and that will be going onto a post that we will put up by the other faucet whenever we remember to purchase some concrete to cement the post into the ground so it stays in place. Always something to do when you own a home, nothing is ever totally finished.

Easter lily to bloom again.
Easter lily to bloom again.

I could not believe it when I saw the blooms on this lily. This is one of the Easter lilies that we planted in the lily bed this spring. Every year, we put them into the garden, but I do not ever remember any of them blooming. I always try it, but figure they either die or get crossed up by the other lilies. I am very curious to see what color comes of their blooms. Maybe this worked because of the timing of when I planted them or maybe it was the weather this year, who knows? Not me that is for sure.

White cosmos
White cosmos

On the right here I grabbed a picture of a white cosmos. I especially like them, but there are not many that color this year. It seems there are far more pink in all sorts of shades.

So, did anyone notice that I didn’t even say the “S” –flower word one time in this post. I was afraid that everyone is getting so sick of nothing but the “S” flower that I refuse to picture it or speak of it. I will share one more picture from the iPad. I took it this morning while the coffee was still brewing and after I had removed the dead critter from the porch (after I stepped on it). My husband didn’t even hear me scream. Heck I think they heard me in Pierre and Bismarck. It might be the fog, on the other hand this might be proof that he needs a hearing test. But if he gets a device he will for sure be able to turn me off. Ha!! Happy Gardening.


5 thoughts on “Auction memories and a souvenir

  1. I know what you mean about just tossing out water. I feel the same way about the water I use in my canners for water bath canning. I’ve gotten into the habit of letting it cool and then tossing it on the plants in the garden or the pots around the house. Love those tubs!

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  2. Fantastic tubs. Auctions aren’t something I have much experience with, but maybe someday when I have a bit more time to myself.. my husband used to go to them in France. He and his flatmate/friend bid on an old wooden-cased radio and won. They brought it back to their flat, plugged it in, and it exploded!

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