Pumpkin Patch

Picture perfect pumpkin
Picture perfect pumpkin

Paulina told me to stand up the pumpkins so they make better Jack-o-Lanterns. Ha, this is the only one that was able to be made to stand by the time she told me this wonderful little trick. I am still not modern enough to go for the current trend of hacks. I say tricks or ideas. To me hack is a verb. It is what you do to the weeds with the hoe or if they are large enough with an old-fashioned scythe. I should run outside and get a picture of one so you know what I mean. I think I will.

scythe hanging upside down
scythe hanging upside down

The other definition of hack is what you do to your lungs when you are really sick, as in hack it up with your coughing. There I think that is enough on the subject for today. And enough of my tricks for the pumpkin patch. For the rest of the post, you will see the lovely pictures that go with our pumpkin patch, which last year was the potato bed, and I am guessing that is what it will be again next year when we put the rest of the garden into cover peas. I finally figured out how to do that. We will plant the flowers along the very edges and in the corners so they have support. I am thinking to twine them up as we did the peas. All of the middle will be cover peas with maybe a short five foot area for a very few items to grow just for fresh eating, nothing for the canner. We will put all of that into storage until the non-election year. Our daughter Jess is back campaigning next summer, and we would like some freedom to help her, though I would almost bet we would have help in the neighborhood with the garden if we just asked. Anyway, we might be surprised how refreshing it would be to step back a bit. Enough, here are the other pictures.

Two hiding pumpkins
Two hiding pumpkins
More pumpkins
More pumpkins

Some of these pumpkins are long instead of round. I am thinking it is a mutation from taking seeds out of old pumpkins as I am known to do. The last of what I am showing is growing in the pumpkin patch, but is not exactly a pumpkin. We have two cantaloupe, Rah!! Just hope they are actually worth eating this year.

Loner canteloupe
Loner cantaloupe



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