Saturday’s Harvest

Today's pickings
Today’s pickings
Today's sky
Today’s sky

The sky today was cloudy and overcast. It finally started raining a little after noon. Lucky for us, James is such an early bird and said we had to do the picking in the

Zinnias bound up
Zinnias bound up

garden this morning. I would have stayed inside waiting for it to clear off then never gotten anything inside. I really didn’t pick much. James did most of the tomatoes and the beans. I brought the clippers and took out the dead zinnias. Some of the plants were so damaged that it was best to cut them at the base and toss them out. After I had them all culled, we took some string and tied up what is left so James could get at the beans. We also threw out the bean plants that died off, so now the others can grow a bit more. They are blooming again so that is promising.

Paulina also picked some tomatoes, and the largest of the jalapeno peppers and the red chili peppers. She sliced some of the jalapeños for some poppers later this IMG_5836 IMG_5837afternoon. I decided to pull some beets and carrots. Mr. Frog hopped out of the carrots as I was doing that. Just when I thought he was heading for the yellow zucchini, James and Paulina saw him go to the cucumbers. I guess we have two. I have been calling him Toady, but they tell me it is a frog, or they both are frogs. I don’t know the difference, not so good on my part. Roger doesn’t like either and was hanging in the doorway of the car shed or sitting on the porch trying to get back inside the house so she didn’t have to deal with any of it. James thought she was upset that Paulina is home and I am paying more attention to her this weekend. Good Grief!!

Two headed beet
Two headed beet
Carrots to be washed
Carrots to be washed

This beet on the left was the largest of the beets I picked, you can see what happens when you don’t thin.

The carrots are in the tub waiting to be washed. Notice the clever use of a small carrot to plug the drain hole. I need to find a cork to put in there, come to think of it, I have some here in my computer workroom that should work. Well this is all I know for today. Happy Gardening to all of you. I promise to post my canning work sometime soon here.


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