End of summer rain

Today is a cold and rainy day. I should add gloomy to the list of adjectives. I did so much canning yesterday that I kept the windows open to cool the kitchen. This morning it feels like I should turn on the furnace. Maybe not. September is a bit early for that sort of thing. I will just crank up the electric bill by popping something into the oven, not sure what yet, but I probably better get to it. I should finish up the tomatoes, but I am going to wait for Paulina to come home and we will do them tomorrow. Here are some pictures of today.

Another face planted sunflower, dang squirrel.
Another face planted sunflower, dang squirrel.
No garden work today.
No garden work today.

You can get the idea of the rain from the shine on the concrete. There was talk of frost tonight, then the next forecast said in the lower 40’s F.

Ash tree beginning to turn yellow.
Ash tree beginning to turn yellow.

We should be ok with that temperature, and especially if it is raining or cloudy. Paulina is coming home today after her last class. I thought she and I would be running around with blankets covering everything, but hopefully no need. I wanted to pick as many of the peppers as possible to save them and the zucchini, but I am not running around in the garden with mud growing on the bottom of my shoes and ending up with a cold. This picture on the right shows one of my mother’s ash trees starting to turn color. We don’t get many trees here that turn red, so we have to be happy with the yellows as a sign of fall. I wish I could send smell in the blog. With the rain on the dying leaves, there is a distinct smell of cottonwood leaves in the air today. I think that is my favorite fall smell, even above pumpkin spice. Gasp! how dare anything beat out pumpkin spice. Hey, maybe today would be a good day to dig out some of the frozen pumpkin and make some bars or a pie. It would fee up space for the new pumpkins in the garden. Oh, pumpkin pie and apple pie now, I might just have to get up and clean the counter. Better idea is clean the house so Paulina and I can do it together tomorrow while we are canning tomatoes and shredding the zucchini. Yikes, I hope she doesn’t have time to read this before she leaves, or she might not even come home. I will let you know tomorrow what we decided to do. Today no happy anything, just orders to stay warm!!


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