We shall eat cake!

This morning Paulina was questioning what was in the house to eat. I admit the ready to eat items are shrinking in number. James and I have been cleaning out any left overs, but there is still plenty of food in storage, but it takes a bit of work to get it prepared.  So as a ha ha joke I told her to eat cake. There is a plate of cake in the cupboard from my Aunt Glenda’s visit last night. Oh, so good. By the time we finished lunch there was not much left, maybe one piece.

cake from Glenda
Cake from Glenda

After breakfast, I took some time to check out the garden. It was a bit muddy from the 3/4 inch of rain we had, but I kept on the grassed up part and was able to pick peppers and beans. I thought the beans were long finished and here were some pretty nice specimens on the plants. I think it is the younger plants that are producing now. If you followed this blog early in the summer, you might know that I had to replant beans because the little bunny was munching them off. I didn’t mind that bunny near as much as I do that ugly squirrel. Well, I also found some large cucumbers and zucchini in both green and yellow. Next I realized I had to use up the stew meat that was thawed in the fridge, so I pulled some carrots. This is what I ended up with in term of harvest today.

Beans and tomatoes
Beans and tomatoes
Entire harvest today
Entire harvest today

The carrots would be much better if we waited until there is a hard frost, but I know how we do that, not so good. If I pull a few every now and then and we eat them, we have much less waste. Two years ago I did a great job of keeping the carrots in the crisper of the fridge, but last year, I had a double batch of them and it was too many to hold over or to use up. I also didn’t freeze or can any of them as I should have. Last year we had so many apples that nothing else was done.

In looking at the garden I realize it is time to start on the beets, good thing that I will be able to finish the tomatoes by Tuesday. Hurrah, Hurrah. This is the earliest that I have them out of my way. I was going to say hair, but the only thing in my hair are these annoying flies. Time to stop here and get the fly swatter working. Oh yes, I am sharing Paulina’s picture of the pizza she made today. We decided that this batch, last of the Roma tomatoes is going into pints of pizza sauce, hope it turns out.

Pan of pizza
Pan of pizza
Single pieces
Single pieces

This was very good. She put on some ham slices and basil from the plant outside then I cut up a fresh picked pepper and oh yummy!!


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