Cooking the peppers

This year our family has tried a new treat on a more regular basis. We have been eating the jalapeños as poppers. Paulina warned me to take out all of the insides. That all should be ALL of the insides. I cheated on one of our batches, and of all things it was one we took to my sister’s house. Several people were in a bit of pain from the heat of the insides. I suppose it depends on the heat that has gotten into your particular peppers. I find that certain soils really heat them up. I am guessing ours is probably about a 6 or 7 on a 1-10 scale. I think it is a good hot.

Preparing the peppers
Preparing the peppers
Into the oven
Into the oven

My version of the filling is to add shredded cheese of your choice to creamed cheese and mix it up then fill the inside of the pepper. I sprinkled a little paprika on for looks and more smoky flavor. A few minutes in the oven on bake, I cheat and use broil and put the rack on the second to the lowest shelf. I like the brown crust on the cheese. Last night I was in a hurry and took them out too soon. Some of the peppers were still a bit crunchy because they had not softened up completely. Oh well. I still enjoyed them. I thought the red ones were sweeter. James thought perhaps they were hotter and did not like being encouraged to eat them. HA!!! Oh yes, the picture on the right. Use glove when taking your peppers apart. It is quite miserable to end up putting your hands anywhere near your eyes, and certainly don’t try this if you have any sort of cut on your hand. I have gotten used to using these gloves with all of my canning and some cut up for cooking projects. In the end my hands are softer because they don’t get so dried out from me constantly washing.

I don’t have a picture, but yesterday I did another garden pick. It was the very last of the tomatoes. I pulled a few more of the plants and stacked them up ready to be put away. I found more cucumbers and peppers. I thought about the carrots and beets, but I guess it is best to wait until a hard frost to take those out because a hard frost makes them sweeter. So, enough for now. Happy gardening.


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