Pictures of Fall

The past two days have been absolutely beautiful in our area. The sun came out yesterday, and has been beaming the whole day today. The wind though picking up now has really been slow and lazy most of the day. I of course have been inside the house most of the day, sitting at the computer doing one thing or the other. When James gets home we plan to pull out all of the pumpkins. Hurrah for that. It might be early, but I will be glad to know they are out-of-the-way of the critters now that the vines are dead anyway. Time out to go bring Tigee into the house. The hawk from the trees behind the dike is circling, and I would rather she isn’t the target.

Marigolds in bloom
Marigolds in bloom
Up close
Up close

I took these seeds off some short little marigolds on the north of the house a couple of years ago and here in the garden they are huge. Who knows?

Stripped Cosmos
Stripped Cosmos
Yellow surprises in the middle of the rows.
Yellow surprises in the middle of the rows.


When I went to take the picture on the left, I saw a flash of yellow. I parted the rows and found the little yellow flowers.


Roger sitting by the zucchini waiting for some creature to emerge.

Roger was sitting by the zucchini waiting for some creature to emerge. She looked up when I called. She is something else as a cat. She either believes she is human or a dog, I am not sure. She smells better than a dog, and listens better than most humans I know. The other positive is that she is a pretty good hunter though I wouldn’t ever want to eat what she brings home. So that is all for today. Hope you are having a lovely fall, or spring as the case may be. Happy gardening!!


2 thoughts on “Pictures of Fall

  1. Your flowers are just beautiful. I refuse to think about what they will look like a week from now with frost in the forecast tonight. But, in the 80s on Sat. and Sun. I just want them to bloom until Thanksgiving!! I am such a dreamer!!

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