Grandchildren visit

Boy is our house quiet tonight. What a difference two little ones can make. I don’t think we ever had the sort of sounds when our own children were around. Of course we had out of the way places for them to go and do their thing. With the grandchildren, we have them underfoot and in the center of what we are doing. First off a few pictures of Ana. This is what happens when you are so sure that you have a toddler seat to put on a chair to make a high chair for a child. Well in all of our clutter mess, we can not find that seat. Instead Ana ended up strapped into the seat, and grandma fed her, mostly. Her parents might find that they have to re-teach her to eat on her own. Yikes. HAHA!!

Don't see that sucker we let her have.
Don’t see that sucker we let her have.
Getting fed by grandma
Getting fed by grandma

She was perfectly capable of picking up the food with her fingers, but she was also very ok with having someone wait on her, she learns fast how to make her life easier.

Ana in the garden.
Ana in the garden.
Eating again.
Eating again.

She really is about more than food, but it was hard to get a picture of her at any other time because she is never still. She is a great dancer and knows most of the modern moves. She even performed a few in church this morning. She is a riot. She also talks lots, but we haven’t quite figured out her language. James was pretty sure he heard a clear, “Stop it.” on Friday night as she was dealing with Paulina, but who knows. She has a new word for kitty and it is to make a spitting sound. She makes lots of “L” sounds and a few things where she makes different sounds by rubbing her fingers or hand on her lips while blowing out. Paulina used to do that too. I have more pictures, but I think I will hang on to them for now, so I can drag out the uploading and create a few more posts. I seem to have found that actual living is taking away from blogging. I really want to post more, so I may need to figure out how to get a better balance. I am guessing there need to be fewer hours of Gummy Drop and Spider Solitaire or perhaps Frozen. I might need to get a Jaxon plan of “10 more minutes, ok Grandma.” Ha, he was a hoot, and the best grandson ever. He, by the way is hoping for another sister. I called him on his reason. He is trying to say he likes girl babies, and I flat out asked if it is so he doesn’t have to share his toys, and got a yes on that one. I told him that this baby will be a girl, who like Lego’s. That went over real well. HA!! Happy Fall!!



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