Cleaning out the garden

On Thursday it was a beautiful day outside, not at all the dreary wind we are having today. Melissa came and brought Carson along so he and Jaxon could hang out. James of course took advantage of the fact that they were in the area and put them both to work in the garden. James took out the large clipper and clipped off the corn stalks and had the two guys pile them up. I believe it started in the morning with James and Jaxon doing the flower beds in the front yard. They loaded everything up on the old pick up and took it to the compost pile in town. When Carson was here James cut off the zinnias and cosmos and had the boys drag the stalks to the pick up and throw them on. I was surprised how well they were able to work and get things in there. As they were finishing up the cosmos, Carson commented that it would all fall out as they were driving. I mentioned that when we were young, we would have to climb onto the hay stacks and run around stomping it down. (I never mentioned that we were always terrified that our father was going to impale us with the tines of his hay bucket) Anyway, this gave them some ideas and pretty soon they were on top of the pickup stomping down the dried flowers. I swear those flowers were higher than the top of the pickup when they started.

Jaxon and Carson on the pickup
Jaxon and Carson on the pickup
James in the background
James in the background

I believe that in this round they went out to the rubble site in the area and were treated to ice cream at The Super Stop afterwards. They were really good workers and we didn’t hear any complaints. It is just too bad that it rained the next day and there was nothing about jumping in the leaves. Oh ya, I think they also cleaned out the pumpkin and gourd vines earlier. I am thinking those were at the bottom of the items on the pick up. It was the sort of day that is fun to work outside and you sleep really well for the work you have done. Happy Gardening!!


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