Nov. 2: Thankfulness

Garden nearly empty
Garden nearly empty

Today I am thankful for garden work that is finished, well, sort of. We still have the beets and the carrots in the ground and as long as the sun is shining and there is no forecast of snow, I am going to milk it. I just have not had the time to get to those beets. I feel pretty confident that the carrots can be washed and dried and placed in those “green” plastic bags and put in the crisper for quite some time. One year they lasted until February and were still crisp and tasty. Of course there is that great idea of putting them in a pail of sand in the basement. I tried that once only to have a total disaster and ended up throwing all of the carrots away. Not having that mess again. You need a legitimate cold cellar for that. As you can see in the picture above, the rest of the garden is tilled up and waiting for some moisture in the form of rain or snow or whatever we can get.

Remains of the sunflowers
Remains of the sunflowers
Sunflowers dug out of flower garden
Sunflowers dug out of flower garden

James said he wasn’t sure what to do with those sunflower heads so he dropped them over the fence for the birds. I noticed a few of those little black birds bobbing along the ground by the fence this morning. There isn’t much left in the heads, but they are cleaning out what is there. I only heard the Blue Jay call one time today. I bet he was looking for the stalks of sunflowers and they were long gone. Mostly today I am thankful that the weather is holding enough for us to do a few more things outside. It was strange to see such a warm Halloween. I always remember snow on Halloween when I was in high school. Of course it warmed up for several weeks afterwards, but that was our one for sure cold spell. I have made myself a list of what needs to be finished off from the garden and it looks like this: Outdoor to indoor potted plants, peppers, zucchini, pumpkins. Mostly P’s on that list. I began today with the peppers. All of the jalapeños have made their way either to the dehydrator or into poppers. I really understand pepper spray today. I accidentally inhaled a little of the guts while I was preparing the poppers. Yikes. Anyway, what are you thankful for today????





2 thoughts on “Nov. 2: Thankfulness

  1. Poor you, inhaling the essence of the peppers! Interesting that you usually have snow by Halloween. I’ve never lived in a place where it usually came that early. Here in Scotland we had the warmest first day of November on record.

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