Nov. 3. Thankfulness: Pepper finished

I have a list of what needs to be done in the very near future. Most of the things on the list are relating to the garden and what has yet to be processed. It starts out with: 1) outdoor to indoor plants. That is going to take a bit of time, but with the sun shining today and the temperature about right, I believe that might be what I do when I leave here.

Peppers drying
Peppers drying

2) Peppers. This is my area of Thankfulness today. I took some time yesterday to process those jalapeños. They are in the dehydrator making the house smell–well let’s just say the house smells like roasting peppers, and it is a smell I am coming to enjoy. 3) Beets. They have to be pulled and canned, and I want to do it today. Check back tomorrow to see if I got there. 4) Next on the list is zucchini. We still have several boxes of them to shred or cut up or eat in some form. Thankfully it is a squash and they do not spoil so fast. In the pioneer days they were stored on shelves in the rafters, or in the attic part of the house because it was cool and dry and they could be kept for months there. Pumpkins were also kept there, which brings me to 5 on the list. 5) Pumpkins. 6) Carrots. 7) Oh yes, I stopped writing about that time. I have other lists of things to do, but these are the ones that must take priority except for the occasional laundry, dishes, cooking or cleaning out something or other.

Halloween line up
Halloween line up

I also have been trying to put away all of the Halloween decorations. As soon as that happens I have been hoping to set up the Thanksgiving scenes. And then there is the …. I guess I will stop today with being thankful that the peppers are drying and that the sun is shining and I can work outside without freezing. Hurrah. Happy November to you all.

General Fall decorations. Pumpkins from our garden, the gourds were from my brother.
General Fall decorations. Pumpkins from our garden, the gourds were from my brother.

2 thoughts on “Nov. 3. Thankfulness: Pepper finished

    1. Well, I don’t plan to do it all today, I just need to get it done this month or so I hope. I am thinking that some of the zucchini will find their way into the compost. Sad for them. I have tried giving them away. Perhaps it would have been better than were never produced. Ha!!

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