Nov. 10, Thankfulness: Humor

Today I found a Peanuts cartoon funny from the calendar that Adrienne gave me last Christmas. Here are two pictures of it. Today, I am thankful for humor… and teams that win!!

IMG_5999 IMG_6000Do you know why English teachers go to college for four years?

No, I don’t know why English teachers go to college for four years.

Well then I’ll tell you why English teachers go to college for four years.

So they can make stupid little kids write stupid essays on what they did all stupid summer.

This was a strip from some time in September, but it made me laugh today. I also laughed at a text from Adrienne tonight. She was listening to the VB match via the radio while we were there yelling and screaming and some watching. We ended up sitting way up on top, which was a much better angle, but it was rather annoying to have come early for a seat then get pushed out because a woman with a child who had no thought of how to sit. The child wasn’t so bad, but as the mother, who was not paying attention to the child with her eyes, kept reaching for the girl, she was grabbing my leg. Anyway, I will admit that I had several unchristian thoughts about her, and was just a tish rude. Fortunately Jessica discouraged my bad behavior. So, the funny part of the story. As we were sitting up on top in the balcony, our voices carried over the air to the radio. Adrienne texted me and Melissa to ask if we were sitting near the radio and if we were yelling wooo, wooo, etc… Yes we were and we both tried to take credit for it. Adie thought it sounded like Melissa, her husband said he thought it sounded like a coyote. We laughed so hard we missed the next play. The match was so interesting. They won in three and the team they beat was supposed to be really tough. Yipee!! Championship round on Thursday. We will keep you updated.


3 thoughts on “Nov. 10, Thankfulness: Humor

    1. I was not very nice to the woman but it was after I learned her identity. She caused much grief to my sisters when they played softball together. It was better we moved. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment.


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