Nov. 12, Thankfulness: Family and cats

Roger cleaning
Roger cleaning
Roger more cleaning
Roger more cleaning

So tonight I am thankful for a cat waiting at the door when we came home. Roger was outside when we left and there was no amount of calling that would make her come in. Yes, for those who don’t know my cat, Roger is a female, don’t ask my middle daughter named her. I will also count thankfulness for family that comes together to support each other. Tonight was the Regional Championship Volleyball match for niece Elisabeth. Sally did well in the tournament and though they didn’t make it to the big tournament for the year. They had a great season, and it isn’t their last ever. They have lots of experience from this season, and should be even better next year. Besides that, they have a basketball season yet to go this year, and a track season, so there is no reason to be sad that life is over because of this loss. They did good!! (No actually they did WELL!) I love making that correction.

For what it is worth, I am thankful that I was able to be at as many of her matches as I was able to make and hope to see more of her events this year. And, by the way, they will be competing in state drama, so there. And their play is hilarious. They are doing something called, “A Night of Culture.” I think that is what it is called. It is about a community theater doing a thing on Romeo and Juliet, but it is about putting on the play, and there are so many goofy things in it that you laugh the whole time. Loved it and hope they hit it the day of the contest. So, Good job, Sally, and very thankful for a family who does things together.



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