Nov. 13, Thankfulness: My parishioners

Today, I will simply be thankful for all of the wonderful people that I am fortunate enough to serve at St. Paul’s UCC in Eureka, SD. They are a wonderful group of people and have taught me so much. I hope to have the time to get to know them much better and I pray that God allows us many years together. I am saddened by the passing of those who have gone on before, but I rejoice that they are at rest with the Lord. Today I received a wonderful card from the daughter of the man whose funeral we had last Saturday. In it she told me things that he said about me. Things like, “She is young (bless his heart), but she will learn.” Also things like, “I really like her.” I am so glad the daughter and the wife were pleased with the service. I promised myself that no one would ever leave the church with question if I knew the one who had passed on. The minister at my father’s service didn’t know my father, and that was true, but we had a family service and met with him to give him information. He didn’t even pronounce our names correctly. So sad, but part of that was the blame of our family, our father who wasn’t a church goer, and the congregation that refused to keep a permanent clergy even in a part time basis.

Front side
Front side
Backside, You can sort of see the stitching.

Now my other thankful is for a gift I received on Sunday. Susan said it was a belated birthday gift, and we had a good laugh. She wanted to get it to me before my next birthday in April. It was the hug and the whispered thank you that made me teary eyed. I cannot tell you how this was made, but it is wonderful. Now I just need to clear off the table so that I can use it as the centerpiece. Have a great day, and for details on the Friday the 13th outing, see lucindalines.



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