Nov. 16, Thankfulness:

Today starts the second half of the month of November. I remember last year, I got involved with that write a novel in November thing. What a nightmare that was. I still have the beginnings of it some place. I was going along just fine until someone remarked that the submissions would be scrambled so no one would take them and use them as their own. Good grief I had not even thought of such a thing. I am usually pretty suspicious of some things, but that was not something I had even thought of doing to someone else, so it never occurred to me that it could happen.

So, for this year, I will just stick to my own devises and have a month of being thankful. Today I will just be thankful for my cat, Sophia. She is the cat who comes when you whistle and call her. I suppose we can say that about Roger, too, but Sophia did it first and we know that even if she is a long way off, when she hears, she turns and comes home. I am not sure if she thinks she is a dog who comes on a whistle, or like the milk cows who come home when called. At any rate, she walks like a big cat, and hunts like one too. She is the small cat you might worry wants to eat you if she could figure out how to do it. Actually, I don’t agree with that study, but what do I know, I have only lived with cats since I was in high school, which is over 40 years ago this school year.

Sophia straight to the food!!
Sophia straight to the food!!

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