Nov. 18, Thankfulness: Lots….

Tonight I am super thankful for a secure house, a car that gets from point A to point B and good health. It is windy beyond belief in our area tonight. I heard the predictions, saw it coming, but still needed to be on the road. I could actually feel it heading our way without the weather predictors. My ankle and knees were telling me about this weather change all week. Interestingly, as soon as the wind hit, all of my aches, except this crazy finger, went away.

On the way home from Eureka tonight it was all I could do to hold the van on the road. It wasn’t so bad traveling west, but as soon as I turned north and was heading almost straight into it, I was hanging on for all I had. No wonder some of the companies in the area pulled their trucks off the road. Just heard there is a prairie fire to the north of us, hope it isn’t any buildings or that anyone fighting it gets hurt. In the meantime got word that farmers in the area with tractors and discs were able to get it under control. I swear that group is like an army of fire fighters.

So, I am seeing that I wrote thankful for good health then complained about aches and pains. Those are really only the aches of arthritis and joints that are sensitive to air pressure. For the most part health is not an issue here. I was at a benefit for a woman taking treatments for breast cancer. Her husband is a clergy in the same town as me and I know that they will be able to use the extra. It was a good crowd even in the horrible weather.

Well, this is all I know for today. Another night of “home alone.” James is at a workshop in Bismarck, so I will likely be up all night listening to the house creak wondering of a monster is under the bed or outside of the door. Hopefully I will remember the doors are locked when I go outside to get the mail in the morning. I was lucky to get back inside this morning and I won’t reveal how. Ha, Ha!! Take care and stay warm!!


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