Nov. 19, Thankfulness: Customer service

Items ordered
Items ordered

Recently James and I participated in a fundraiser for our grandson. We ordered the items on-line and waited for them to be delivered. We only ordered four items, they really weren’t very large, but the box they came in was huge. Of course as it turned out the largest bowl in that nesting set had a chip in it. I have been looking at this order for about a week or so wondering where to start. So, today, I finally sat down, took the shipping order, and Googled the company. In only two calls, I was able to hear a real human on the line. She was wonderful. I told her that I had pictures if they needed them. We had to do that when our grill had a broken part. It was a quick email to the company and new piece sent right out. Today no such need. We called, she believed and now we have a new bowl on the way. Hurrah!! The best part is that I can put all of these items away and get rid of the box in the kitchen. Considering the wind outside it is a day to work in the house. Now just tell that to the garbage that tipped over at my Mom’s house and the cans are all rolling to the bottom of the incline. Sorry, but I am not going to pick them up at this time. I will though go and lock the door that I can see has blown open. Hoping the wind dies down tonight. If it does, I bet you can guess what I will be thankful for tomorrow. Actually today, I am thankful for James coming home from the workshop. Perhaps I won’t have to lock myself out of the house tomorrow. And tomorrow, Paulina is home for her week of Thanksgiving vacation. Hurrah!!!


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