Nov. 23, Thankfulness: Flower in bloom

Full Bloom
Full Bloom
Christmas Cactus about to bloom
Christmas Cactus about to bloom

A couple of days ago, I saw the Christmas cactus was in full bloom, at least on one spot. I took the picture to the right about a week ago when I saw the little buds. I don’t know when that pheasant feather was stuck in the pot with the plant, but for some reason it has stayed put. I should share the “vase” of feathers that was left at our house by some hunter friends earlier this year. Sort of crazy. Hunting has really been good around our area this year. We have seen a definite increase in hunters of all sorts. It is mostly pheasant hunters, but the water fowl has been great, too. And just last week there were deer hunters in the area. The group we saw had filled their tags a sooner than expected and were heading home at least a day early. We took a peek at the back of their pick up, James said those were 5×5 bucks, and one was a pretty good size. Sounds like plenty of deer sausage in that house for the winter. Well, not much else to speak of here. We need to get the house shined up tomorrow as Jessica and Tony are headed this way on Wednesday. Victoria called, she missed her due date last Friday, so we will be sleeping with the phone hoping to hear the magic words of, “Hurry Grandpa and Grandma, someone has to watch Jaxon and Ana while we go to the hospital to get the new baby.” Yikes! That means we have to shop for another one this Christmas. Nothing like a baby at Christmas! Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.


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