Nov. 27, Thankfulness: Decorators…

So, for most people in the USA today is a major shopping day known as Black Friday. Duh, it finally hit me what the black was about it. Today is the day the retail stores sell enough to put their books in the black. In our family today, especially tonight was the time we decorated the house. We have a few old videos of putting up the tree with children doing things behind our backs, but in front of the camera that became quite funny in later years. Well instead of doing any of that, I went to the church office to finish and run the bulletin and the December newsletter. I also dug out the Advent candle stand and a box of dramas and old booklets to review to come up with a plan for the next few weeks and a possible Christmas Eve Service. I also cleaned out the box of mail that has been piling up since July. I am not kidding. It was bad. The garbage is now full and I have several booklets to review in the next few days.

Blue Christmas
Blue Christmas

In the meantime James and Paulina were quite busy at home. James cleared out the garage to fit the snow blower between the cars while Paulina set up the rest of the Christmas decorations in the living room as well as the tree. We now have a small white tree that comes with lights. Last year we decorated it with red items( [Nov. 29, 2014] ).  This year we decided it is a “blue” year and the picture above shows what Paulina did with the tree. I like it, but am wondering how Ana will react when she sees a few of these other decorations.

A few other items sitting around. The igloo needs a light.
A few other items sitting around. The igloo needs a light.

The nativity picture in the middle is a cross stitch made for me by a student in Jud. Those were the days. The parents there respected teachers and they passed that plan on to their children. I believe this was the first cross stitch that Shelly ever did. The frame was something that a family member handmade. I have treasured this for more years that I have had my two youngest children. So many things they will have to fight over when I am gone. Perhaps some of them wish to “call” for them when visiting with me, and I might think of putting a name on the back. Ha!! My mother always told my aunt to write her name on the ceiling in the basement of the house she rented from the people in Selby when she taught there. She was thinking that maybe then it would mean she gets the house. What a thought. Have a great day!!


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