Nov. 29, Thankfulness: Advent has arrived

The next two days will be a cross over of sorts as I finish the posts of thankfulness while starting up the posts for Advent. A couple of years ago, I posted a picture or two each day explaining something of our decorations and accomplishments for the season. I hope to be able to do that again this year. It is sometimes a challenge to post each day at a reasonable hour, but I will do what I can. A few things will have to wait until later to share as I am doing at least one gift for each that comes from the needles or the machine or some such place (I won’t reveal that last item so the surprise is more realistic). Hopefully those will turn out as planned.

The 24 Days Before Christmas
The 24 Days Before Christmas

Today I will start with a picture of one of my favorite Christmas books. I used it in church today as I presented the first day of Advent message. (The full text of the message can be read at lucindalines@wordpress). This book always made me want to take our preparations one thing at a time. We actually did some of that some years. Before reading this book, I had this idea that all of the decorating had to be done at one time. This was before we even heard of “Black Friday” and so the Friday and the Saturday after Thanksgiving were all about putting up the tree and setting out decorations here and there and every where.

Snoopy and a few other items.
Snoopy and a few other items.

Thankfully this year there Paulina and James were ambitious in our house. On Friday when I went to the church office to finish up the bulletin and get the newsletter in the mailboxes, not to mention trying to figure out how to do communion again, they decorated the house. I shared some of the pictures with you a couple of posts ago, but I think there are pictures that I haven’t used yet. Beside are some others to give you an idea of how things are looking around here at this time.

Farm scene on the piano
Farm scene on the piano
Rural school house and ponds under the television
Rural school-house and ponds under the television

I am thinking it is time to dig out the container of wreaths we have stashed in the basement and start hanging them. I think there are enough to put one on every door inside the house.

Now that might be a new and sort of strange way to display them this year. Who knows. And sadly some might need to be put to rest at the end of the season. Considering some of the items we found in a broken up box earlier this fall, it might be time to start passing some on or just plain getting rid of it. Well, hope your first day of Advent was good, and may the light of Hope be with you this week.


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