Nov. 30, Thankfulness: Advent Day 2

A dusting of snow, and Sophia, on the concrete.

Snow has hit the north end of South Dakota today. It is a soft, gentle and wet snow, which is exactly what we have been needing. Many of the little lakes and sloughs have dried up this fall, and some moisture now would be great before we hit into a complete freeze, though James noticed yesterday that there is frost in the ground. The chance for pounding any posts in the ground to hold Christmas decorations has pretty much come and gone.

Sophia played the “in and out game” all day today. I swear that I had to open the door for her at least 15 times. It was

Sophia's prints in the snow.
Sophia’s prints in the snow.

getting funny, though, because she would come in one door all disgusted about the snow and the cold, but she would want to go right out the other side of the house, as if the weather would be different because she used a different door. Now wouldn’t that make for a wild fantasy story?

I was in and out a few times doing laundry at my mother’s place. I also took several pictures of the snow. It snowed almost non-stop from 9 a.m. on. It is snowing now at 9:30 p.m., but not so heavily. We were in Linton tonight for the last spring/ this fall athletic banquet. It seems to storm on this night more times than not. One year, James turned around and stayed with one of the students because he couldn’t see to drive. Tonight we were lucky that the road has those ridges both in the middle and at the edges. I can’t tell you how many times we were on one or the other. After we passed Rice Lake, I was ready to pull over and heave at the side of the road. I have a major phobia about crossing water, and to do it in the dark of night during a snow storm almost drives me over the edge. I might be up late tonight trying to unwind from that one.

Russian olive tree
Russian olive tree
Earlier in the day.
Earlier in the day.

These pictures were taken early in the afternoon. When we got home tonight there was no grass to be seen and we had to brush the snow away to open the doors to the outside.

Shed this afternoon.
Shed this afternoon.

I like to take pictures of the shop when it snows because it always shows the amount of snowfall by how it covers that round roof. Here there is not much on the ground, yet. I am thinking we must have had about 1/2 an inch at the time of this picture. Now we are closer to 2 inches or so. I am not sure what the predictions are for the morning, but at least one area school has called for a late start. This isn’t so bad in terms of happening at the end of November. I remember one Thanksgiving when we were not able to leave Jamestown because of a blizzard on Wednesday before. Of course that was one of the worst winters on record that I know of. The snow piled up so badly that the National Guard had to come and dig out some of the roads. Our Montpelier School buses had cuts as high as the bus top in some places and up to the windows in most. There were lots of snow days that year. In fact, that was the year that I finished most of the photo albums for Jessica and Victoria. Of course I would rather not remember them. I don’t have them anymore because they ripped them apart to do a presentation of themselves for their history class. No wonder I never liked that teacher. Sure hope Paulina doesn’t do that to any mothers when she is a teacher. Ok, enough for all of that. Take care and stay warm! And that is an order.


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