December 1, Thankful for Advent

Naturally flocked
Naturally flocked
Covered pond
Covered pond

Today is my final post on being thankful. It is also my second post on Advent. Rah!! When this is all finished, I have decided that in January I will try to hit 31 days of items or events for which I am NOT grateful. It will be a study in reverse psychology, but more on that later. Today I am thankful for NOT being forced to venture outside, at least not early in the morning. I may go to the mail and the bank later, but for now, I am quite happy to remain inside looking out and working at the computer on things like the bulletin for Sunday and reading in the book of Job for our Bible Study tomorrow. Hurray!!

The shop this morning.
The shop this morning.

In case you don’t know why I am so happy to stay inside, you might want to check out the pictures above and beside and the post from yesterday when I mentioned the drive home from Linton last night in the mini snowstorm. I had to take a picture of the shop this morning to show the piles of snow. I finally found a site that would give me some concrete information on our totals and it said that here in Herreid we were at around 6 inches overnight. Yes, finally. I could take a ruler out there and show that it is about that much, but then I am usually the one who doesn’t understand how those things work, or so I am told. At any rate, if you go to the yesterday post, you will see the beginning of the snowfall and understand the “before” and “after of the pictures of the shop.

This is all I have for now except to say that poor Sophia is so sad about not going outside today. At least she has a new post from which to view the world. I set up a chair with a couple of cushions and a blanket for her. She can look out at the piles of snow and save herself the cold paws of going out and not getting back in because someone forgets she is out there. Enough for now, hope you all are staying warm and dry. And, for a more serious comment on Advent, there is also a blurb on lucindalines. See ya!!


2 thoughts on “December 1, Thankful for Advent

  1. Oh My! I can’t believe how much snow we have! Hey! Maybe it will be all gone by the time I get home! HA! Hopefully, we won’t have that kind of weather when I do finally get there! I really don’t miss the weather, but I miss everyone of you so much!!! See you soon!

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