Graduation and palm trees

So this title probably sounds a little weird. James and I went to Aberdeen, South Dakota today to attend

Kathy with diploma
Kathy with diploma

the Northern State University winter graduation ceremony because my sister, Kathy, graduated with her Master’s Degree in Education. She is the first of our siblings to graduate with a Master’s so it was a pretty big deal. I started my degree back in the late 1980’s but never finished it. All I needed to do was finish the thesis and defend it. Great job on my part. Oh well, I learned much along the way, and I will have to go with that.

Iron palm trees
Iron palm trees

On the way home, James and I stopped to take a picture of the iron palm trees along state highway 10 between Eureka and Leola. There is a funny family story about those trees. Once upon a time there was this particularly large and unwieldy couch owned by my mother. Kathy was taking classes at Northern for her teaching certificate and wanted a couch. My mother and aunt Glenda loaded this heavy couch and drove to Aberdeen. When they got there it was too large to get into the apartment and so they had to take it back home. As they passed the palm trees on the way home they contemplated leaving the couch in the pasture between the trees, but it was too heavy to lift across the fence without help. I can imagine them having a selfie on that couch between those trees. James and I decided to take a picture of the palm trees then a picture of ourselves on a couch at home and have Paulina put the two together with a little help from photo shop.

Anyway, it was a fun day together as a family. Our mother would have been so proud. She was a teacher and really stressed education. The main speech was great, too. The 2015 faculty member of the year talked about all of the hardships that we face in life and how it is important to pick yourself up and move on in your life. I think everyone in the audience was able to relate to that story. Hope you are all having a great week!! And Congratulations to the graduates, especially my sister. Good Job!!!


3 thoughts on “Graduation and palm trees

  1. Congratulations to Kathy on her fine achievement! Yes, your mother would have been very proud! I wish I could have been there! 😥


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