Countdown to Christmas: More outside decorations

Light posts on the posts with the carolers and Snoopy in the background.
Light posts on the posts with the carolers and Snoopy in the background.

Today after James and I returned home from church we put up a few more of the outside decorations. It was really a beautiful day for doing that, and after the frustrations of decorating in church, it was a good plan. We were all set to decorate the sanctuary, which we mostly did, but no one could find the pole that goes in the middle of the tree and holds all the branches. We did some house cleaning this year and now we are afraid that the pole went out with some other things, but it really makes no sense that would do such a thing. Yikes.

Victorian Carolers
Victorian Carolers

We were also supposed to go caroling at the Health Care Center, but without the tree to decorate, we were finished too early and none of those who lived out of town wanted to just hang around so we called it off. Only thing, I never called the home about it. I must confess that last year when we showed up it was such a defunct issue by the staff that I didn’t think it was a big deal to NOT call them today. I have since found out it was a big deal and they were all looking for us, and well, I will have to make some calls and do some damage control tomorrow.

New lights beside the wreath
New lights beside the wreath. By the way if you look closely at this picture, you see a ceiling fan through the window in the door. That is the room where I usually am on the computer writing these blog posts. Now that we have the door working, I will be able to go out on that balcony every now and then to enjoy the fresh air or look at the stars or the sunset.

But, as I said the big issue is that we were able to do a little decorating around here even if it was between some comments about not appreciated and hard to work with and such and then I yelled at the dog down the street because it barks in this super annoying high pitched yip and it only stops once a week to breathe. OK, so James asked what my problem was. I finally realized that after giving such an intense message about Peace this morning it probably wasn’t right to come home and pick a fight with the neighbor down the road about their yipping dog when I was really just mad at the looks of my tool box, which is full of everything except the pliers and screwdrivers that came in it. I finally found what I was looking for after I dumped the whole thing into a shoe box and told James that was where his junk can be stored in the future and my tool box will be for my tools and nothing else. Isn’t it nice to hear how mellow our life is the day we lit the candle of Advent that stands for Peace? In case you want to read the text of my morning message, it can be found over at the lucindalines site.


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