Countdown to Christmas: Sew fun!!

Oh which babies will get these?
Oh which babies will get these?

I have been working on a few projects. I won’t say for whom and I am hoping that no one tells those who might be getting these items for Christmas about them, but I just have to share.

Did anyone say Packers??
Did anyone say Packers??

They were sew much fun to make and I can’t wait to finish up the other items, though I am thinking the others won’t appear here until the gifts have been opened. I was thinking of posting some step by steps on the lucindacrafts site, but maybe not, although no one ever checks on that site, so/sew I should be pretty safe.

Pink scarf with matching headband.
Pink scarf with matching headband.

We were out and about today. In fact we were to Mobridge and back by 9:30 a.m. James had a dentist appointment and I did a little grocery shopping and dropped the church quilts off at a woman’s shelter there. It was nice to have that completed. Later this afternoon, we packed up our tree and went to church to set it up. The story on that is longer than I want to explain. We somehow tossed the church tree post and had no way to put it up. So, now our post from home plus our top with the branches of church are doing duty. Well, enough for now time to show Mr. Technology how to run the radio. Good Grief Charlie Brown. Hope you have a great day!!!



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