Countdown to Christmas: More decorating

Snowmen with light up close
The Advent candle for Sunday is Joy!!
Father Christmas collection.
Father Christmas collection.

Well, today is one of those Saturdays when I should be getting ready for Sunday, but it just isn’t happening for me. I could also be getting things put together for the following Sunday and the Christmas Eve Service, but that is also on the back burner. I think the only thing giving me any hope is the fact that the iPad has slowed down for some reason, and I can’t operate my game anymore. Perhaps an overload of too much use in too little time.

Full set of snowmen
Full set of snowmen

So, in the meantime, this is what James and I set up today. None of it took very long, in fact probably less than an hour total, but we will make it sound like we labored extensively. Ha! The big trick is how you put things away. It was just a matter of open the box, unwrap, and set it out.

Projector puts, Seasons Greetings on the wall.
Projector puts, Seasons Greetings on the wall.
Charlie Brown hangs from the railing
Charlie Brown hangs from the railing
Santa on the northside of the porch
Santa on the north side of the porch

As for the outdoor items, it was more work to dig out the ball of twine and put it back than to put up the lights. The Charlie Brown character is the first of four. They are hanging in the doorway of the porch. Snoopy, Linus and Lucy are the other three. We should get in the van and drive around to see how it looks. Maybe tomorrow night when we come home from the big Musicale that our church is part of. Oh, rats, I have to make some cookies after church. On the other hand, maybe I will be lucky enough to find out that some of them have already been made.

IMG_6185I put up the nativity scenes last night and the angels in my

Angel collection
Angel collection

room earlier this afternoon. Hopefully I won’t be adding anything to any of these collections this year. As it stands the boxes that hold them are filled to capacity and I didn’t even get to set our all of the snowmen this year, or the angels come to think of it. And we should be thinking of downsizing as we get closer and closer to retirement age. I think not.


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas: More decorating

  1. Your decorations are beautiful! I’m afraid my angels and nativity scene will stay packed away this year! I KNOW for sure that the little tree in the back yard will not be lit! Oh well, next year I’ll do it all if the Good Lord lets me! See you soon, I hope! The weather does not sound too favorable!🙁

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