Grandmas house

image imageSo last night we went to my mother’s house to check on how everything was doing and to take the dishtowels out of the dryer and see if there was anything else to wash. James ran the snow blower through the driveway to make sure it was open for any vehicles.

As we were there we decided to check if her Christmas tree really was in the closet of the blue room the way I thought it was and sure enough there it was. So, one thing led to another and pretty soon the tree was in the living room and a few other items were drug out and set up. The display beside the Nativity scene in the living room is a dinner. It says, Corner Cafe and is just as nice to display front or back.

The whole time we were looking at items, Paulina is saying, “Grandma always put that over there.” I was responding with, “We don’t want the glass items to be played with by any of the little ones.” So we did the best compromise that we could find. There are a few items in the but I didn’t take any picture of that, so I guess anyone wanting to help put the balls on the tree or set up anything else, might have to stop by on the 24th and we will see what else to display. I have heard a request for setting a puzzle in some corner or other. We shall have to see how that works. I was hoping to eat there, but not sure who might be in the area……..Just saying……..


One thought on “Grandmas house

  1. The tree looks so nice in the living room. She (your mother) would love it. She also loved the little fiber optic tree in the dining room. I do think a Christmas in your mother’s house would be really nice again.

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