Final gift finished

Scarf complete with headband
Scarf complete with headband
Close up of the fringes
Close up of the fringes

This is pretty lame to finally finished the last Christmas gift on Jan. 4th, but that is how it worked out this year. I just didn’t make it all the way I wanted to. I was hoping to have this finished up and delivered earlier, but not sure when I will meet up with my sister-in-law, so I was dragging my feet a bit. I have only been working on this scarf off and on for about three years. I stopped with the first skein of yarn ran out and I wasn’t sure what to do. Lo and behold in a clean out session, I found another skein. Hurrah! I believe that I bought them in a bundle and made a doll blanket with the first four and then just kept the last two for another day. I still have some left of the final skein and will likely use it in a few hats down the road.

I hadn’t realized the last time I posted was on New Year’s Day. It hasn’t been that busy around here, but there has been something to do all the time. Was that an oxymoron or what??? Today when I thought it would be a day to breath and get a few items from the sister business thing cleared up, other things came up before I even got up. Last night I had a call about our parishioner who was in the hospital. Somehow they thought she would be moving to the local hospital, so I wanted to be sure to be there early. Not so. By the time I was heading out, the phone rang, she was not moved and the family wanted me to come, to Aberdeen (100 miles from here for those who don’t know the area.) I did a double-check on where she really was, talked to the secretary who volunteered to ride with me and we were off. We pulled up at the hospital a hair after 12:30 and by the time we passed the man at the desk who had to verify our business, headed up the elevator and rang the bell repeatedly to gain access to Intensive Care, we walked on the floor just in time to learn so she had passed away just minutes before we arrived. Good Grief!! Another oxymoron.

After all was said and done, I was frustrated with the delays, but really, she was with her sister when she passed away, and that was better than with a Pastor person that she really didn’t know all that well. Her daughters were amazing in how they said good-bye to their mother, and I was reminded that I didn’t even go into the room to see my mother when she passes away because I didn’t want that vision in my head. Now there are days I wish I had some vision of that day.

I think it has really been bothering me this week because it is finally hitting home that her cat is no longer with us. We had to, hump! James took her to the vet and had her put to sleep a day before Christmas break. It was something we felt needed to be done because she didn’t have much of a life anymore. She was able to get to the food and the water, but not fully into the litter box, and her hair was horrible matted and we couldn’t do anything about it. Paulina tried brushing it, but it was so painful for her, and it was getting harder and harder for her to walk. I fought taking her away until that last day when I noticed her eyes were fading and then I knew we were just keeping her alive out of our selfishness. It was so hard to say good-bye.

I guess for me it was hard because I felt like it was the last link to my mother, it was like I was saying good-bye to her when I didn’t four years ago. Anyway, I was amazed at how these two girls were able to say good-bye to their mother. After we had a prayer as we were waiting for the funeral people, I told them I had lost my mother too, and that is a pain that never goes away. One of them said, you never want to see your parents or your children suffer. Oh, how true!!

Take care, stay warm, and tell your loved ones, even your pets just how much you care!!


4 thoughts on “Final gift finished

  1. How sad that you just missed being with your parishioner, but you went for her family as much as for her. A good friend of mine was with her mother when her mother died in her 70s after a long struggle with cancer. My friend told me that an amazing change went over her mother’s face in the moments after she had passed – all the lines of pain melted away and her mother looked youthful and peaceful. I know it isn’t always so, but I believe no matter what the physical circumstances of the transition, our loved ones go on to a wonderful place without any pain or worry. And that includes cats! We who are left have all the work of mourning to do… Re your “late” present, my husband’s father was Eastern Orthodox and they don’t celebrate Christmas until Epiphany, when the Wise Men arrive! So you were two days early according to that. Take care X

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