More candle making

Yesterday, I decided to dig out the old candles and start the melting down process again. I decided rather than molds as you see the white candle came from, I would just reuse a few of the old votive cups that I had nearly used up over the past few years. Of course I didn’t throw the nearly empty container away since there must be a use or a recycling possibility for anything glass. Here are my results.

Finished candles.
Finished candles.

The white candle was a mold that I had done some time ago, but in taking it out of the mold, I ripped out the wick. This time, I used a needle to open the spot for the wick and put it in place and pour some wax around it. As I was working with red wax, this is the result. I am not sure how it will turn out, but better than nothing for now. The candle to the left is what I have been working on the past few days. Not just that one, but a few like it. My big epiphany this week was figuring out how to clean up the glass containers that are all smeared with wax and soot and just too dirty to use for anything including a fresh pouring of candle wax. As I was pondering this problem today, standing in the kitchen beside the microwave, it occurred to me that you heat things in the microwave, and glass heats very well in it.

Middle one is clean, the others show the wax build up.
Middle one is clean, the others show the wax build up.
All clean
All clean, could be used for anything.

I first heated each container on the little coffee warmer hot plate and poured out all wax and excess debris (old wicks, that piece of metal and sooty pieces) onto a paper towel. I then wiped out the container as much as possible. Next I popped it in the microwave for a little more than half a minute (larger containers, more time). I also stuffed a paper towel in the middle of the container. When I took it out, I again wiped it as best as I could. In all cases, the container wiped nearly completely clean on the first try. A couple needed two tries, but when finished a quick washing in the sink with Dawn and here is what I have as a result. I am showing off the largest of the containers because they seem to show the best. A secondary result was that the label on the outside of that one in the middle on the left picture came right off with no sticky reside to scrape off.

I can’t wait to get these all finished and hand them out. I am thinking they will be ready around the beginning of Lent to pass out to anyone in church who will take them. Ha!!

As always, be vigilant when working with wax. Don’t let it set without supervision and keep out of the way of children so no one gets burned. For an earlier version of how to do some easy candle work see my post on: lucindalines, 3-10-15: Making candle scents/cents or 3-20-15 Making more candles.

Have a great day, and stay warm!!


2 thoughts on “More candle making

  1. That is the first time I have ever wished I had a microwave! I do sometimes spend a bit of time getting our hurricane lamp clean when a candle has burned down…

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