Knitting in the New Year

One of my goals for 2016 is to complete more projects. So far, I have finished off a set of boot toppers for Paulina and started a yellow scarf. The scarf is still up for grabs, so we shall see who gets it. It might just end up in my pocket, but as I said we shall see.

Finished boot topper.
Finished boot topper.

I haven’t decided if I am going to put any buttons on these toppers. I will have to ask Paulina what she prefers. The boot toppers were knit with size 8 needles using a rib on top and seed stitch in the middle and ending with a stockingnet stitch. I won’t go into how many to cast on, as it will vary based on the person who will be wearing them. I am hoping to see how these fit, and try making more. At that time, I will probably publish more information on who to make these.

Scarf in progress.
Scarf in progress.

I decided to dig out the BIG needles for this scarf. They are size 15 and so I decided to use two strands of yarn. I have this great thin yarn that I picked up years ago at an auction sale of all places. I used the pink colored in a headband that I gave away when we were living in Linton. I can’t even remember if I did a scarf for that. I might have to check back in my old posts on lucindalines because that is where it would be. Anyway, here is a picture of the yarn that is the thin yellow in this scarf.

Old yarn, wool and rayon blend.
Old yarn, wool and rayon blend.

It is fun working with both yarns at the same time. I am just hoping there is enough of the thin yellow to finish the scarf. In the picture to the left, you can see the original label on the thin yellow. The label says, Lily Mist Tone pompadour. The back of the label says the company is Lily Mills located in Shelby, NC. Wow, interesting.

I guess if I don’t have enough of either of the yellows to make a long scarf I will just have to make a shorter one, maybe an infinity scarf.

I also have another maroon beanie on a set of needles and hope to get my two fleece projects far enough along to share. Mostly I need to get the sewing machine up and running. Hopefully with no message to write this week and no bulletin to do for next week, I will be able to get a few other things taken care of. I have nearly a box of candles ready to hand out, so that is something. Now, if I could just get the closet cleaned maybe that would be something accomplished. Someday… so what have you been up to lately???


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