Clean potatoes

Cleaned potatoes ready to boil
Cleaned potatoes ready to boil
Dirty potatoes
Dirty potatoes

So, finally a post that fits under gardening. I do NOT like the word hacks, so count this as a tip, weird though it is. Today I was figuring what to make for supper. James laid out some large ham slices. Hmmm what goes best with ham in our house, well of course the answer is hash browns. Being someone who gardens, we raise our own potatoes and so make all of those things ourselves. Seriously we don’t buy potatoes until just before the new crop comes in if we are lucky.

However there is one glitch in the past couple of years. I hate washing potatoes that still have all the garden dirt on them. In the past we were very conscientious about cleaning them as we dug them. We would hose them off in the grass, let them dry then run them through a few washings either on the concrete or in the wash tubs. Not so this year. They were cleaner than the past year, but still annoying to wash up before I peeled and certainly too yucky to think of boiling them in their jackets. So this is my brainstorm.

I put a few in the washing machine (old top loading) on the gentle setting. No soap and only on cold in the wash cycle. I tried to catch them before they did a major spin, but the spin isn’t that rough in the gentle cycle and it has a soak session, so it all worked out fine. I am not sure that I want share this with my family. Either way the washing machine should be cleaned before the potatoes and after them, but I was really happy with how this worked. I certainly won’t fill it with large potatoes, but for this small amount it worked for today.

One last tip on boiling potatoes in their jackets. I always add about a tablespoon or so of milk to the pot just before they are finished. It makes the potatoes turn out very white. This is great for the looks especially if you are using them for potato salad. I guess the biggest question this evening during supper preparation will be to actually make hash browns or possibly just cut them into American fries. Hmmm, maybe a bag of frozen beans and some butter and … Ok catch you later I just figured out what I am doing…


One thought on “Clean potatoes

  1. Hilarious – washing your spuds in the machine! Very funny. Interesting tip about the last-minute-milk. And I had forgotten there is such a thing as hash browns…

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