So, perhaps not the most appetizing picture you will see today. This is a look inside the plastic coffee can that we use in our composting endeavors. We collect our compost in this way then when the little can is full, we diligently carry it outside and dump it into our outside container. This year we emptied it in the spring in the corner of the garden where we planted the zucchini. It was a bumper crop that is for sure.

As for what we put in our compost, you can see egg shells and a banana peeling in the picture along with some coffee grounds and filter. We also compost any vegetable peelings, things like potatoes, carrots, beets when we are canning. In fact all of the tomato peelings and last year when we had an apple year, all of the apple peelings and cores were included. I read that it isn’t a good idea to compost citrus peelings, but I do. I don’t know why citrus should not be included, perhaps something to do with acidity. Our soil is a bit more on the alkali side, so I figure it has been good for us. This year, I added all of the peanut and walnut and other nut shells that we had around here at Christmas.

For me composting is more than just a way to improve the garden. It is also a way to decrease the amount of garbage that we generate. Things that cannot be composted are meat, dairy, and fried or cooked food (except I do put in steamed vegetables that have no cooking oils or cheese on them). I have even begun keeping the lint from the dryer in a separate plastic coffee can. I just keep the can on the dryer for easy collecting. This can also be dumped in the compost, or put directly in your garden before tilling. I have also used this lint in my indoor pots. It is a good way to loosen up the soil.

Hope these little tips have been helpful. Happy Gardening to you.


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