Calmness after the wind

Garbage can on fence.
Garbage can on fence.

Today the wind has calmed a bit. It was horrible on Sunday and yesterday when I looked out the kitchen window to the east, I noticed the garbage container from my mother’s house had been stopped by the garden fence. I grabbed it as I went to dump another container of compost. For now it is huddling against the house at my place. I wore my crocks with a hole in the bottom and realized the ground is a bit damp here and there and my socks were getting wet. Besides, I will take it back when I can take the time to secure it a little better. James noticed the lid was up against the shop, so thankfully all of the parts have been found and none are being used as a raft to float down the creek by some crafty beaver or raccoon or muskrat, of which we have a few around here, mostly the latter. You can see what an open winter we are having. Last year it bothered me because of the trees. This year, we will just have to see what happens. I am thinking there has been several more days above freezing this year, and that could mean we lose a few of the young ones. I am hoping the pear hangs in there, but if it doesn’t we will just have to try again in another place. That is all for now. You can catch my latest crafting on lucindacrafts and more random thoughts on lucindalines. Have a great day!!


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