Pumpkin pancakes

So, on Fat Tuesday, about which I posted a little blurb a couple of days ago on lucindalines, I decided to make some pancakes. I didn’t even know about the pancake thing with Fat Tuesday until I did some research for my message for Ash Wednesday. It was rather neat as I had this whole where it started thing and why they ate everything in sight. Well, as you might have noticed a few posts ago, I have been boiling down (quite slowly) the pumpkins from our garden this summer and freezing them.

Seriously one can only eat so much pumpkin pie or pumpkin bars. Every now and then I have made pumpkin mashed potatoes, which means I put some of the pumpkin puree into the potatoes as I am mashing them up. It takes a little less butter, cream or milk whichever you use to get the creamy consistency to the potatoes.

pumpkin pancakes
pumpkin pancakes

So, I got a brainstorm on Tuesday that pumpkin would be good in pancake mix as the liquid. I did have to add a little milk, but probably should have used water. I used a complete batter rather than from scratch and next time I will go for the from scratch kind so I can add real eggs to it just because it will probably work better, but in the long run we liked them enough to want to do it again. The only thing I would recommend is making sure that they are completely done through and through. A couple of these were a bit gooey on the inside and not the best. I made a chicken filet on the side, but I think this would be great with pork chops and something green like asparagus or long green beans grilled with Cajun spice or even a good salad with walnuts and raisins and a vinaigrette dressing. Hmmmm I think I am getting hungry.


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