Happy Valentine’s Light display.

Valentines lights
Valentines lights
Heart in the garden
Heart in the garden

About a week ago James switched the Christmas wreath for this little Valentine light that we picked up at an auction sale a few years back. I don’t think we ever put it up before, and I am glad he did because it is rather cute. He left the colored lights from Christmas, and though they aren’t all red or pink, they are colorful. I can’t remember how many times we remembered to turn them on, but I will try to get them on tonight. Too bad we don’t have something for St. Patrick’s Day or Easter. I sort of think we gave the Easter one to one of the grown daughters. Who knows. The white heart in the garden was put there for the clematis to grow on, but for some reason it decided to go straight past the heart part. Hmmm maybe I need to find another vine to wrap around the heart. Not much else to report at this time. I did post on lucindalines (my Valentine’s bouquet from James) and lucindacrafts (my cleaned up craft area) earlier today. For now, Happy Valentine’s Day and stay warm for now. It won’t be long before the garden bug shows up to bite those of us in the northern hemisphere. I almost can’t wait.


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