Frosty morning in the garden

Day lily garden
On of the front gardens
Garden fence
Garden fence

Today the frost settled on everything outside. I showed a few general pictures and wrote a bit about it on my lucindalines site. Here I will show you some of the close up pictures of my garden places and a few of the trees. It was so quiet and still this morning as I walked around getting these photos.

Grass in the iris garden,
Grass in the iris garden,
Frosted evergreen
Frosted evergreen

We had strong winds this past weekend, so the stillness was really nice. It ended up melting a bit yesterday and you can see in one of the left pictures how water has pooled up in the walk way. It was so warm this afternoon I could step out on the back steps without a coat or jacket. The cats went in and out about five times today. I think they were so surprised at the nice weather that they didn’t know what to do. Not sure what will actually happen with the weather later this week. At one point the predictions were for a really warm weekend coming up, but each new prediction lowers the expectation a bit. At any rate the temperatures today were just right for building snow men and snow forts and those sort of things. It would have been a great day to have little ones in the yard. Currently the closest I get to the grandchildren are reading my daughter’s blog: mamaof3bagsfull. I will have to put her in my follows list on this site, too. I finally took the time to read some of her posts today. By the way, I apologize for not reading your blogs as much as I used to. I guess that is the price I pay for getting a few things finished up around the house. Maybe I need to give up a little game playing on the iPad in order to do more blog reading. OK, I promise that is my next resolution. For more frosty pictures check out lucindalines, and to see what I have been crafting go to lucindacrafts. Have a great day.


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